Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Twilight Highlands = OMGold

Four hours later... what was the haul?

That is Whiptail x130, Cinderbloom x97, Twilight Jasmine x205, Elementium Ore x333, Pyrite Ore x48, four uncommon gems, Volatile Earth x21, Volatile Water x18, Volatile Life x36, Volatile Fire x19. My farming toon is at 525 Herbalism and 525 Mining, and 74% of the way to level 81 from getting 2200 XP per node and exploration alone - I was keeping pace with guildies who did two of the new dungeons, complete with the quests inside. Believe me, hitting 470 Mining and 490 Herbalism in Northrend was painful as hell as it seemed like Saronite nodes stopped spawning altogether and getting four stacks of Icethorn hoping for green skill-ups is equally bad. However, I was eventually able to CoT-portal my way to Uldum, hit up some Whiptail nodes, and then cruise to Twilight Highlands.

Twilight Highlands is beyond a goldmine right now. You honestly and truly have no idea how ridiculous it is. Maybe a picture or two would be good?

The first minimap is three Elementium Ore spawns almost right near the zone entrance. The second ended up being three Pyrite Deposits all clustered together, which I came across 13 minutes later as you can see from the time. What you won't see are the Twilight Jasmine dots on the minimap because I had to turn Track Herbs off to even see the terrain. Twilight Jasmine is not the Icethorn of Cataclysm, it is the Peacebloom of Cataclysm, at least going by the amount of spawns in the zone - if you can take a screenshot of your minimap anywhere in the Highlands without at least two nodes showing up I will be very surprised. This of course poses some very interesting economic questions for herb futures down the road, especially considering I was able to farm all of these herbs (and ore for that matter) quickly and effectively without any danger of aggro from the high-level mobs. In the meantime, the only futures market I care about is the one in, oh let's say 40 minutes.

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