Friday, September 30, 2011

In An Age

If you are reading this... you shouldn't be. I am over at In An Age, you know,

I appreciate the patronage of getting 1500+ pageviews in the last month despite having zero new content. So allow me to reward your loyalty with In An Age, where I have made twenty-one (21) posts in the last thirty days. Know what else? I imported PVSAH in its entirety over there (including comments), so it is not even as though you will be missing anything. Indeed, by not updating your bookmark/blogroll you will be missing the most important thing: updated content!

Here is a sample of the last month:
The only thing missing is AH and WoW economic discussions. Which, if you haven't noticed, are not taking place here either. So what have you got to lose... other than one more second reading this nonsense when you could be enjoying the sweet, sultry voice of Morgan Freeman narrating* everything I write over at In An Age?

Naught a thing, I daresay!

*Some imagination required.