Friday, December 17, 2010

Better Living Through Alchemy

There are two transmutes you need to be doing whenever possible, if you have not been already:

Transmute: Living Elements - Volatile Life x15 (in Uldum)
Transmute: Inferno Ruby - Carnelian x3, Heartblossom x3

Like a lot of people, I imagined that Transmute: Truegold was going to be the king of the cooldowns. Maybe it is on your server, but on mine Volatile Air fluctuates between 65g-85g apiece which shoots the minimum price of Truegold to somewhere around ~1300g in mats in order to break even, let alone make a profit. If you can sell your cooldown to someone else at more than 800g, then by all means do that instead.

As far as Inferno Rubies go, you do not even necessarily need to have a JC character depending on the price of Carnelians in the AH, although obviously prospecting Obsidium/Elementium Ore itself brings the greatest returns. For example, Carnelians are around 45g on my realm's AH, Heartblossom is 150g a stack, and Inferno Rubies fly off the shelves at 195g. Pressing a button with no cooldown and collecting 37.5g an hour later for each time I pressed it? Yes, please.

I would normally caution the flooding of items like Inferno Rubies, but there is little actual downside at this stage of the game. The stat consolidation post-Shattering has made stacking primary stats like Strength and Intellect even more of a no-brainer to most class/specs, so you can expect heavy demand for Inferno Rubies (and the epic equivalent later on) for pretty much the entire expansion. The best thing is that your market for Inferno Rubies includes not just people looking to socket their newly grinded Justice Point gear, but also the JCs trying to recoup their ~1500g cuts (since they could have sold the JC tokens for Chimera Eyes) under heavy competition.

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