Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dec 27th Hotfixes

I always get excited when hotfixes roll out, as they tend to shake up otherwise fairly stable markets. For example:

Dec 27th Hotfixes
If you were not aware in a general sense, the items listed above were limited stock vendor items necessary to make the following Inscription relics/offhands:
Even if you did not have a Scribe or were not interested in making those offhand/relics, people (above level 84) still camped the vendor for hours and hours in order to flip the limited stock items on the AH for some serious cash. The Ogre Eyeball, for example, is bought for 26g and some change and was going for 200g-300g on my server. The idea, then, is to jump on this opportunity now before the rest of your server and the market at large corrects what it may otherwise still believe to be a limited item.

The other angle is that this lower vendor price may make the crafting of those offhands and relics profitable whereas it was not before. While the first two on the list are fairly low-level, the last three are all ilevel 346, which means they are at least equivalent stat-wise to anything you can get out of heroics. The Notched Jawbone in particular is pretty amazing for not just plate DPS, but also Protection paladins. With the Jawbone itself accounted for, the biggest question mark becomes the Inferno Ink. Twelve Inferno Ink is pretty pricey considering you could play the Darkmoon Card lottery with 10 and possibly hit the 4000g-6000g jackpot, but I would say the Jawbone should rake in more than what you would get for any of the "of Stones" cards, and would level your Inscription besides. Then again, other Scribes could be flooding the market for that same reason (creating the Notched Jawbone for leveling purposes) so definitely check it out beforehand.

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