Saturday, July 2, 2011

Achieving Zen

So I warned you about certain crafted BoE epic gear and how the new Firelands dailies would essentially obsolete them entirely. At the time, I was under the impression that the vendors with these 365 epic gear would be gated behind 25 days worth of dailies. That is not entirely the case, as you undoubtedly witnessed yourself on Thursday if you have been doing them daily.

Our good friend Zen'Vorka here has some goodies for anyone who fights their way into the Firelands. The items themselves are Matoclaw's Band (Agility ring), Nightweaver's Amulet (Intellect necklace), Fireheart Necklace (Strength necklace), and Pyrelord Greaves (Tanking Plate boots). I knew the Pyrelord boots were going to obsolete the BoE JP boots, but I thought that was going to happen closer to the end of August, not the beginning of July. Speaking of surprises, though...

Blizzard snuck in a stealth hotfix allowing you to unlock Firelands on Day 1.

What ends up happening now is instead of ending up with 8 Marks of the World Tree when you get to the point of unlocking the "outside" dailies, you have 16. After doing a single set of dailies, you will end up with 4 more Marks, unlocking the Firelands portal after one more quest. At that point, you are a mere one elite mob away from unlocking our friend Zen'Vorka and his goodies for your alts. The entire process takes ~35 minutes from zero to epic 365s depending on the dailies you get stuck with.

It is an open question as to why Blizzard made this change, and it will be even more interesting to see whether they end up doing something similar once "phase 3" starts being unlocked by people. And that is on top of the question as to whether or not it will actually take another month to unlock all the vendors or if they will be more like our friend Zen.

In any event, if the thought of doing 50+ dailies a day was stopping you from pimping your alts, the way has officially been cleared. Get out there and get geared.

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  1. I noticed the hotfix when I started run my 3rd non-professional toon a few days after everyone else. I was hoping it was because I had toons - 2 - who busted it daily for 3 days and it was an account thing, but apparently not. I'm now tempted to leave this toon alone and see how quickly she progresses without doing dailies, since she needs gear for raiding, not recipes for profit. I have to tell you, having logged faithfully for the last few days, I'm going to be seriously ticked; I'm already annoyed I worked on mine for three days on two toons when I could have taken it easy. If I work for a month, only to have everyone else leapfrog up, I'm going to be seriously pissed. it's one thing a few months in, but a few days is retarded. Guess the "OMG WE HAVE TO DO DAILIES TO PROGRESS" whiners have begun.