Tuesday, May 31, 2011


After being stuck at ~435k for what felt like forever, I finally cleared the hump and sped past the 500,000g finish line this weekend.

My normal revenue is around 3k a day with just gems, but it is amazing what you can pull out of your hat when you know you can (finally) go back to not caring about hitting arbitrary goals if you just get that last little bit. That last little bit came partly from not re-investing my capital for a whole weekend (and there were some nice deals like fifty stacks of 30g/stack Azshara's Veil that will probably pop back up to 80g-100g in the next few weeks), and also cashing out some investment material like ~14 bars of Truegold. I had a few Darkmoon trinkets up on the AH too, and it was sorely tempting to fire sale them on Trade for 10k when I knew they will go for 16k-18k eventually.

The interview with WarcraftEcon is done and will be posted sometime in the coming weeks. In the process of writing the interview, I happened to look at the MySales data that has been captured since Cataclysm:

Minus the BoE epic flipping (Fury of Angerforge, etc), my top 5 revenue streams this expansion:
  1. Darkmoon Trinkets (169k)
  2. Flask of Draconic Mind (33.8k)
  3. Volatile Air (28.3k)
  4. Inferno Ink (21.5k)
  5. Enchant Weapon - Landslide (20.6k)
One thing that floored me right away was the Volatile Air. Obviously MySales does not differentiate stack sizes as it states I only sold "40" when I have basically been selling 13-16 Air stacks * 40, but damn. Hope you guys have been doing your daily transmute in Uldum on a regular basis! The Inferno Ink was another head-scratcher up until I realized that my average Volcano sale was 20,000g when that card has been below 10k for months now - in the heady days of the new expansion, I must have been pushing inks out like crazy. Oh, wait... I was. Finally, I am happy to see that the Maelstrom Gambit so far has been paying out some healthy dividends.

Incidentally, still have not sold the Windwalk scroll from before and Power Torrent is barely profitable. If there is one piece of sage advice I can offer people though, it would be this: bet on 2H Strength classes. In my experience, either more people have 2H Strength classes or 2H Strength classes are more willing to pay their dues. Or maybe it is harder (or easier!) to gear. Or something.


  1. Congrats! I'll email you once it's we're done editing it.

  2. Hi PvH, I'm kinda new to WoW and more recently, the AH and as of last friday I've been trying to get into the gold game and i've had some success with xmuting and JC so far.

    I've been using my transmute cooldown to get truegold everyday, isnt it that this cooldown is shared with Volatiles? And if so, is there something I don't know about Uldum?

  3. If you do the Elements xmute in Uldum it will turn into Volatile Air 100% of the time instead of being random. And yes, Truegold shares a cooldown so you have to choose between the two each day.

    There is a lot of good advice out there about stocking up Truegold for patch 4.2 since there will be new Blacksmithing patterns that require the metal. Here's the thing for me:

    Vol Life @ 8g --> Vol Air @ 20g = 180g profit
    Truegold margin on Auch = 110g

    As always, things are server specific, but I actually get a higher margin and more guaranteed sales every day by selling Air. Indeed, I am low-balling the margin a bit because Volatile Life has hit 5.1g apiece here recently. That being said, I actually have two Alchemists and do the Elements xmute with the Elixir Master and then do Truegold xmute with the Transmute Master; an extra Truegold is a 540g profit as compared to the maybe ~40g profit from the random extra Volatiles, depending on type of course.

    If Truegold makes sense on your server/faction, keep doing that. If you have not taken a look at The Undermine Journal yet, I highly recommend it. Once you specify your server/faction, it will even do the Truegold math for you based on current mat prices.

  4. Yeah I watch TUJ carefully for good deals and for that reason I've been stockpiling on Truegold specifically, I see it as a pretty minimal daily investment for a potentially large reward post 4.2.

    And even if there isn't much of a change after the patch I can still make that 120G without much worry.

    Although your point about a second alchemist is something that i've been thinking about. On my server the JC market is highly competitive while Elixirs/Flasks/Potions and Raw Epics are pretty uncontrolled and I usually make my money from selling raw Inferno Rubies, Shadow Spirit Diamonds and for that i'm thinking maybe another Alch with Elixir Master Spec (given that Alchemy is a joke to level) will help me hold complete control over that market.

    As of now i'm getting completely destroyed on cut gems as I can only update my Auctions at about 9 AM Server and 11 PM Server and just watching all the campers on TUJ undercut me within 1 hour makes my heart break.

  5. Congrats Az!

    What gets me is the Flask sales..I never assumed that there was that much love there....

    And a Alchemist actually making flasks? Whoodda thunk it? Keep up the sales, and can't wait to read your interview!

  6. Hi Azuriel - found you through a gold blog feed... very random. Love the blog - have added you.

    Grats on the 500K - Mogul.