Monday, February 21, 2011

Rare Spawn Profits

Did a bit of raiding the other day and ended up having to switch out of my usual MT role into Ret DPS for the Double Dragons. As it turns out, my Ret gear was pretty abysmal with some imminently embarrassing greens. After being shown why Theralion is his mother's favorite child, I started going through AtlasLoot and Wowhead for possible upgrades. One particular weakness I wanted to stamp out was plate bracers - ilevel 318 greens seemed pretty bad. Doing some Wowhead database magic resulted in this list, which basically indicated I would be stuck in 318 greens unless I did Halls of Origination (yuck) or BRC on heroic. Or bought a pair of BoE bracers off the AH that dropped from a rare-spawn with a ~8-15 hour respawn timer.

Wait, what?

Terborus's Rotating Bands is a BoE 346 blue wrist that drops off a rare spawn in Deepholm 100% of the time. It is more or less identical to another blue wrist that drops in heroic HoO, and the two of them are essentially pre-raid best-in-slot for both plate tanking and DPS. At the time I discovered this, there was one pair on the AH going for 3100g, but The Undermine Journal indicated that this was somewhat of a low-ball estimate across most other servers. Being the miserly auctioneer that I am though, I decided to finish up some Therazine quests on an alt while keeping an eye out of Terborus myself. About an hour later, the big yellow worm was dead and I looted the equivalent of several thousand gold.

As you know, I usually do not advocate straight up farming or camping rare spawns - in most cases you can leverage the Transitive Property to farm something worth more, and just buy what it was you needed to buy. That said, if you happen to be in the following areas, I recommend stopping by to case the place:
Clicking on the mob name will take you to Wowhead's maps with their exact location(s). There are some other rare spawns out there, but only the above ones drop 346 BoE gear. Anecdotally, any one of those items should fetch 2000g minimum.


  1. Nice post! Where's your screenies! I love farming rares, even though the GPH isn't there, it's a fun aspect of the game for me...I have hit Blazewing and the mechanical worm in deepholm (but go figure, wasn't thinking about SS'ing them. UGH)

    Still wondering about "Time Lost" Aeonaxx... at he doesn't fly all over the zone. Aeonaxx, I am coming!

  2. Added the (one) screenshot I remembered to take, just for you, Alto. :)

  3. THATS IT! Nice. Love the pic. I am jealous! Did you get the rare in the cave with the little pet while you were there? =)

    For the folks that are planning on farming this guy, look for the goldish one, as the other ones in the area are blue.

  4. I have looted both Terberos' Rotating Bands, and the Sussurating Treads. Not really knowing how valuable they were, I put them up for auction, under 1k each time. I posted them 3-4 times then gave up and they're both being worn by alts that I've since leveled up. I guess I'm lucky no one bought them? Or maybe my server's economy is just an anomaly. Either way, nice to know my alts are well geared (relatively speaking).

    I love farming rares too, even if it's not profitable! Missing only two rares from the Outland achievement. Someday...