Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mobile Armory and You

Chances are good that you already know about the Remote AH, and how you can pay $2.99/month to buy, list, cancel auctions and so on. What you may not know is that the $2.99 is there if you plan on actually moving any product. If you just want to check to see what is listed on, say, the Neutral AH, that is free. Just use your smartphone or iPod Touch to download the Mobile Armory app and go to town.

You may be confused, as I was at first. The Remote AH is a part of the Mobile Armory, and it's ability to see currently listed items on the AH is a part of its free service. If you are like me, you have toons parked in the goblin cities to periodically check for deals on the Neutral AH, or perhaps even cross-faction toons to keep an eye out for arbitrage opportunities. Well, save yourself several log-ins and potential travel time by using the Remote AH (again, for free) to check up on those without ever having to log off your main character.

As for the actual monthly service, I do not think it is quite there yet. While it is fairly easy to search for specific items, you obviously do not have access to the addons you have when playing the game proper, some of which have more powerful searching and filtering tools (to say nothing about their listing powers). The one feature that would send everything over the top though, would be the ability to buy something on the Horde AH, list it on the Neutral AH, and then purchase it yourself for sale on the Alliance AH. Such arbitrage requires you to have a second account on hand to do it solo, but $15 extra a month is a bit steep in my opinion just to make some extra gold. $3 on the other hand? Instant sale.

If you are using the Remote AH and have some feedback to share, please do so in the comments.


  1. When the UMJ was alive and kicking I got a tell that the LifeLike Schematic was on the AH. I signed up for the app that day because I was trapped at work and it was under 1k for the recipe. I was able to gift it to my husband engineer.

    The UMJ allowed me to find those rare drops but with it gone, I have to resort to making my own list of bookmarks and keeping an eye on them. But during breaks at work that wasn't so bad. And using it to supply my tailor with cloth under 4G when it was normally at 7-12G the first few weeks of the expansion was very very helpful. Didn't win any relam first but I was able to help out my guild at a relativly low cost.


  2. I love the mobile AH. I can swap between my toons and list auctions on each, scan the AH quickly and easily list and relist things.

    Before Cata I had identified things that I thought I could buy very low and then sell at a good profit. I used the mobile AH to buy up all saronite ore at or below 10 gold a stack (amazing I know) before Cata. Since then I've been listing stacks of bars when I see that the only ones up in the AH are at a silly price, such as 1K a stack. With the mobile AH it doesn't matter if I'm at home or not. I can quickly check no matter where I am.

    That property is also useful for snagging underpriced items in the AH. I've picked up quite a few rare BOE's that way, where someone has listed something for say 8 gold when they meant 800.

    Obviously all of this is doable with a typical AH mule, but the ability to swap between toons easily, as well as to check on the AH no matter where I am (boring meeting? No problem! Time to check darkmoon faire card prices!), makes it worth it to me.